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As a nonprofit think tank and learning exchange, The UHNW Institute is elevating the wealth management industry to a new standard so that families and their advisors can foster prosperous and meaningful relationships from one generation to the next.


  • Empowering ultra-high-net-worth families and family offices with a comprehensive understanding of the wealth management industry so that they can make the best possible choices to meet family needs across generations.
  • Educating advisors and wealth management firms by providing insights and resources to advance how they serve ultra-high-net-worth clients.
  • Fostering sustainable positive change in the wealth management industry by promoting the latest thinking and best practices to serve clients and groom next-generation advisors.
  • Operating as an independent, objective organization that avoids conflicts of interest and any appearance of “pay to play.”

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Latest News AND Insights

Wealth 3.0 Lawyering – How to be an Integrated Attorney

Wealth 3.0 Lawyering – How to be an Integrated Attorney Session Description: Join The UHNW Institute on Thursday, July 18 at 4pm ET for our next Roundtable, now open to non-member industry attorneys and other professionals at a small fee. Register Now!   This Roundtable will address how, despite some

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Fresh Thought Leadership from the Institute Community

  Fresh Thought Leadership from the Institute Community The Institute would like to highlight the following pieces of recent thought leadership from leaders within the UHNW Institute Community.   Book: NEW Edition Family Wealth Management: Seven Imperatives for Successful Investing in the New World Order (2nd Edition) Authored by UHNW Institute Board

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Roundtable Replay: The Outsized Impact of Family Goals in Investing 

Roundtable Replay: The Outsized Impact of Family Goals in Investing Understanding and integrating client goals into investment strategies is fundamental in the progressively changing sector of wealth management. The UHNW Institute recently hosted an informative virtual roundtable discussion that shed light on this critical aspect, featuring insights from industry leaders.

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UHNW Institute June Theme: Trust

  UHNW Institute June Theme: Trust In the family wealth industry, communication is vital, yet terminology isn’t always well-defined or agreed upon. Some terms seem interchangeable or are used in different ways. As part of its mission to consider setting standards, The Institute is developing a glossary of terms and jargon

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June 28, 2023
The UHNW Institute June Masterclass
5:00-6:30 pm ET
July 12, 2023
Service Practice Management Clinic
4:00-5:30 pm ET
July 20, 2023
Guiding from the Grave
4:00-5:30 pm ET
  • Provide an intellectual framework, understanding and organization of family wealth management content
  • Educate advisors and family offices on how best to support evolving UHNW families
  • Provide thought leadership, insights and resources to advisors and family offices
  • Promote best practices, provide professional development and support sustainable, positive change within our industry
  • Foster an equitable, collaborative and safe learning environment within the wealth management industry