Frequently Asked Questions about UHNWI Membership

Leaders Council Members are senior professionals invited by the Membership Committee to join, based upon expertise and criteria designed to protect the reputation of The Institute and encourage active participation.

Only Leaders Council Members have access to the member portal and the Resource Library. The member portal serves as the intranet for Institute community, featuring access to the Resource Library, event details, member account information and more. The Resource Library is a searchable collection of high-quality original and curated content designed to help members learn, collaborate, and serve UHNW families and family offices. It can be accessed by Leaders Council members, as well as designated enterprise member licensees.

A Leaders Council Individual membership provides one person access to all Leaders Council benefits. An Enterprise membership allows for two Leaders Council positions, plus a designated number of Resource Library licenses determined by the firm size. Leaders Council benefits include:

  • Unlimited access to Institute events & recordings
  • Participation in Institute events, on committees or task forces
  • Opportunities to collaborate and/or contribute original content that meet the Institute’s ‘think-tank’ worthy editorial criteria
  • Access to the Institute’s Membership Portal, Community Forum and Resource Library
  • Permission to use the Leaders Council Membership as a personal credential

Designated Leaders Council Members have access to the portal (The UHNW Institute’s intranet) via this direct link.  Conversely, the public facing website is accessible to all and contains general information about The UHNW Institute here. The public site contains a Member Portal Login tab, located at the top of the site. 

Designated Leaders Council Members and Enterprise Member Resource Library licensees gain access to the Resource Library through the URL – https://uhnwinstitutelibrary.org/. Resource Library licensees will gain direct access to the Library home page, while Leaders Council members are directed to the member portal and must navigate to the Resource Library tab here.

Designated Leaders Council Members and Leadership can utilize the Institute as a credential. Please contact Chloe at cevans@uhnwinstitute.org to receive an UHNW Institute credential icon that may be added to your email signature. Your membership designation can also be added to your LinkedIn profile.

Please contact Loraine Tsavaris at LTsavaris@uhnwinstitute.org for general questions about involvement.

Thank you for considering a referral to the Institute. For your convenience, please share the Membership Inquiry Form located on the public site under the Contact Us tab. Be sure your name is added as the referring member under ‘How did you hear about The Institute?’.

Only Leaders Council Members may attend live events. If you are unable to attend an event and would like another senior executive colleague to attend in your place, please email cevans@uhnwinstitute.org with your request and your colleague’s information. Event replays may be accessed through the Resource Library by Leaders Council members and Resource Library Licensees.

Event meeting invites may not be forwarded to others. Again, if you are unable to attend an event and would like another senior executive colleague to attend in your place, please email cevans@uhnwinstitute.org with their information.

Visit our events page or program calendar to learn more about Institute programming, including:

  • Collegia
  • Practice Management Clinics
  • Roundtables
  • Study Groups
  • Symposiums
  • Podcasts
  • Masterclasses

Institute events are listed on our program calendar. Visit our events page within the member portal to learn about upcoming events and gain access to event replays, including additional resources from previous events.

Video replays are available for many events and are posted within the Resource Library for viewing within one to two weeks of the event.

  • Provide an intellectual framework, understanding and organization of family wealth management content
  • Educate advisors and family offices on how best to support evolving UHNW families
  • Provide thought leadership, insights and resources to advisors and family offices
  • Promote best practices, provide professional development and support sustainable, positive change within our industry
  • Foster an equitable, collaborative and safe learning environment within the wealth management industry