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Ten Domains of Family Wealth

As part of our mission, The UHNW Institute has thoroughly examined the broad range of needs and services that impact the lives of families with wealth. Based on this analysis, we’ve determined the Ten Domains of Family Wealth—an interdisciplinary model representing the specialized landscape that ultra-high-net-worth families inhabit.

This groundbreaking model includes nine disciplines, each of which requires a high degree of technical acumen, plus a central domain representing the many relationships and skills through which families and their advisors interact.

You can click on the individual domains in the graphic for a short description of each.

Financial and Investment Management Estate Planning and Legal Issues Social Impact and Philanthropy Risk Management Governance and Decision-making Leadership Development and Transition Planning Learning, Development, and the Rising Generation Family Dynamics Health and Well-Being Family-Advisory Relationships

Financial and Investment Management

Encompassing all activities managing the financial, real estate, collectible, equity, investments, and other assets that form the financial wealth of the family, including tax planning and management related to managing those assets.

Estate Planning and Legal Issues

Encompassing all activities managing the estate planning, trusts, family law, and family litigation activities and needs of the family, including the tax planning and management pertaining to wealth transfer as well as the legal aspects of financial management within and across jurisdictions.

Social Impact and Philanthropy

Encompassing the financial and nonfinancial charitable, philanthropic, social impact, and community activities of the family, including foundations and other vehicles by which families may choose to create impact in the world based on their values and goals.

Risk Management

Encompassing family risk education and management practices related to board or trustee roles, reputational risk, staff management, family/residential/cyber security, emergency preparedness, risks of high-value assets of residences/ collections/ aviation /luxury yachts, and holistic insurance strategy.

Governance and Decision-making

Encompassing the family’s structures and processes in managing itself within and across generations, including decision-making in any family enterprise that may be present.

Leadership Development and Transition Planning

Encompassing the family’s planning and activities for fostering, supporting, and assuring continuity across time for the leaders of the family and any family enterprise that may be present.

Learning, Development, and the Rising Generation

Encompassing the personal, family enterprise, and family system activities that foster, support, and educate family members at all life stages, accounting for learning styles, decision-making roles, and positions within family, ownership, and business relationships.

Family Dynamics

Encompassing the personal and family strengths, challenges, communication needs, and conflict management strategies related to the family, its relationships, and wealth.

Health and Well-Being

Encompassing the intersection of physical, mental, and spiritual health, wellness, disability, and resilience with the complexities of wealth and the family system.

Family-Advisory Relationships

Encompassing the many generalist, cross-domain activities and needs of the family pervading all interactions with its various advisors and advisory teams, including the quality of the communication, relationship, collaboration, and integration services beneficial to the family.

Three accompanying documents have been created to elaborate upon the Ten Domains model.

  1. A Conceptual Graphic and Overview which presents a concise summary of the recently revised Ten Domains model
  2. A Case Study that demonstrates each domain through the lives and needs of an UHNW family in the US
  3. A Ten Domains Supplement which provides a more comprehensive look into the knowledge base and skillset of each domain gives
In collaboration with The UHNW Institute, French translations of the Ten Domains graphic and model, case study, and domain descriptions have been kindly developed by ORIA, Inc., a Montreal-based learning and consulting organization devoted to family businesses and their advisors.
  • Provide an intellectual framework, understanding and organization of family wealth management content
  • Educate advisors and family offices on how best to support evolving UHNW families
  • Provide thought leadership, insights and resources to advisors and family offices
  • Promote best practices, provide professional development and support sustainable, positive change within our industry
  • Foster an equitable, collaborative and safe learning environment within the wealth management industry