The UHNW Institute is a community of exceptional individuals, each of whom is committed to giving as much, if not more, than they gain.”

Our membership includes a diverse mix of individuals and firms from across the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Africa who share a common purpose for joining our community.

Why Members Join The UHNW Institute

Source: 2021 UHNW Institute Member Survey. Top three reasons reported for joining the Institute.

If you’re a leader in the family wealth field looking to learn, grow, share, and contribute, then we encourage you to inquire about membership.

We offer individual memberships for family members, family office executives and advisors, as well as enterprise memberships for families, family offices, wealth management firms and other organizations that serve ultra-high-net-worth individuals and families.


  • Provide an intellectual framework, understanding and organization of family wealth management content
  • Educate advisors and family offices on how best to support evolving UHNW families
  • Provide thought leadership, insights and resources to advisors and family offices
  • Promote best practices, provide professional development and support sustainable, positive change within our industry
  • Foster an equitable, collaborative and safe learning environment within the wealth management industry