UHNW Institute Podcast

Coming Q4 2023

The UHNW Institute is pleased to collaborate with The Family Business Podcast on this special episode: Wealth 3.0 – with The UHNW Institute. We hope you enjoy listening while awaiting the release of our own podcast, which will be hosted by Russ and will provide even more opportunities to learn from Institute member expertise and thought leaders.


The Family Business Podcast: Wealth 3.0

This episode, hosted by Russ Haworth, Family Business Advisor at The Family Business Partnership and UHNW Institute Advisory Board Member, who spoke with the authors:

  • James Grubman, PhD – Owner, Family Wealth Consulting; Board of Director and Head of the Content and Curriculum Committee, The UHNW Institute
  • Dennis T. Jaffe, PhD – Senior Research Fellow, Banyan Global; Board of Directors, Advisory Board and Domain Chair of the Governance and Decision-making Domain
  • Kristin Keffeler, MAPP – Founder, Illumination360; Faculty Member, The UHNW Institute

The interview covers the origin and explanation of Wealth 3.0, key areas of focus within the book and what it means for families of wealth, and those who advise them.

Listen to the episode, Wealth 3.0  on The Family Business Podcast on: