The UHNW Institute’s Practice Management Clinics

Through research, surveys and member feedback, The UHNW Institute has found that many corporate members place a high priority on improving their practice management expertise. Fortunately, given the depth and breadth of experience of our Advisory Board, we are uniquely positioned to meet this need.

Please join us in 2024 for our next series of Practice Management Clinics, where participants can explore the Building Blocks of Practice Management in an interactive and focused peer setting. These five virtual deep dives are meant to explore members’ priorities among the Building Blocks to build new skills and operationalize best practices.

Learn more about The UHNW Institute’s Practice Management Clinics, including the registration process and calendar of clinics, below.


Each clinic will explore one of the Building Blocks of Practice Management (see graphic below) in extensive detail through peer-to-peer discussions among senior leaders and subject matter experts. Participants will walk away with the guidance necessary to build new skills or operationalize best practices. Following each clinic, discussions will continue through a dedicated community group forum within The UHNW Institute member portal.



All attendees must register for each clinic in advance.

During registration, attendees can submit their questions, issues and/or pain points in advance. These submissions will create the focus of conversations for each clinic, enabling all of the group’s collective priorities to be addressed.


Attendees should be members of The UHNW Institute and corporate senior leaders. Members can invite a senior member of their firm, so long as they have a strong competency in the relevant Building Block.

2024 Calendar of Clinics

There will be five clinics total throughout 2024 and all clinics will last for 1.5 hours. While dates and times are subject to change, please find our current calendar of clinics below.

Members can register for clinics here within the member portal.

If you are interested in learning more about any of our upcoming Practice Management Clinics or joining The UHNW Institute, please do not hesitate to contact us.