Canadian Family Offices Explains How the Ten Domains Model Can Help Family Offices Deliver

In ultra-high-net-worth families, the needs of family members and the family enterprise are often intertwined. As a result, when a family’s wealth grows, the services they require to meet their growing business and family needs expand with it. To meet these growing demands, family offices can utilize The UHNW Institute’s Ten Domains of Family Wealth as a helpful tool.

To help family offices learn more about this comprehensive framework, Canadian Family Offices recently published a commentary about the Ten Domains, which the publication believes “brings together the views of the multidisciplinary ecosystem to serve families in an expansive way, detailing many of the areas in which families face challenges in ensuring their wealth will survive intergenerational transitions.”

In this article, Canadian Family Offices highlights the categorization of the Ten Domains and explains how together, they build a comprehensive approach that can help ensure family offices meet their client needs. Click here to read the entire article today.

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