The UHNWI Summer List 2023 My artificial intelligence (AI) curiosity has me down a rabbit hole this week. I just gave up my weekend for a 3-day AI Summit because apparently, we will all ‘not be replaced by AI, (we) will be replaced by someone who uses AI.’ So, I’m using AI. Cautiously. And creatively. Within just minutes, I […]

Reimagining Family Business Transitions: Rethinking, Rebalancing, Reinventing

Reimagining Family Business Transitions: Rethinking, Rebalancing, Reinventing Successfully passing the reins of the family business to the next leader or owner is one of the most important challenges that family businesses face. It is also one of the most emotional given the life and career changes that often affect every generation of the family. Because […]

Editor’s Corner: A Leap Forward

Bob Casey, Editor in Chief, shares insights on the exciting announcement that Columbia University’s School of Professional Studies will begin offering its new Master’s in Wealth Management program this year.

Editor’s Corner: A Defining Moment

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