Exciting Updates to The UHNW Institute’s Resource Library

The Resource Library at The UHNW Institute is a valuable collection of original and curated content aimed at assisting members in their endeavors to learn, collaborate, and serve UHNW families and family offices. We’re excited to share that we have made significant improvements to the library, specifically enhancing its search capabilities.

Our primary focus has been on refining the search functionality to ensure members can easily find the information they need. We have implemented advanced search filters, enhanced keyword matching algorithms, and improved categorization of resources. These enhancements are designed to provide more targeted results and save members time and effort when accessing the library’s wealth of knowledge.

In addition to these search enhancements, we are continuously working to expand and update the content available in the library. We strive to provide high-quality resources that offer valuable insights and practical guidance to our members. This includes both original content created by The Institute and carefully curated materials from external sources.

To help members maximize their use of the Resource Library, we have developed a search guide. This guide offers practical tips and best practices for effectively navigating and utilizing the library’s search features..

Your feedback is vital to us as we strive for ongoing improvement. As the Institute librarian, I invite you to share your thoughts, suggestions, and requests regarding the resource library. I value your input and am committed to incorporating your feedback into future enhancements and updates. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly at tkehoe@uhnwinstitute.org.

We aim to keep you informed about the latest developments and opportunities to leverage the library effectively in your professional pursuits.


Tara Kehoe

Librarian, The UHNW Institute