Institute Spotlight: Amelia Renkert-Thomas

As part of the Institute’s mission to provide educational content and opportunities for members to engage with industry experts, the Institute will periodically highlight a member of its faculty. This series will feature the domain heads for each Domain of Family Wealth. This week, we’re introducing Amelia Renkert-Thomas, the new head of the Leadership & Transition Planning Domain.

Amelia Renkert-Thomas

Founder, Renkert Thomas Consulting

Leadership & Transition Planning Domain Chair, The UHNW Institute

Click here for Amelia’s LinkedIn and here to read her bio.

“The metaphor has always been that transition is a baton passed from individual to individual, or perhaps generation to generation. In complex multigenerational family enterprises, it is far more often from many to many.”

As the head of the Leadership & Transition Planning Domain, Amelia will utilize her extensive, ever-evolving career to help advisors better foster, support and ensure continuity across generations for families and family enterprises.

Amelia, is a trusts and estate planning attorney by training, ran her family’s fifth-generation manufacturing company for over a decade and still serves as a director for the company, and is the founder of a consulting firm dedicated to governance and transition planning for family enterprises. With her unique expertise, she possesses a deep understanding of the challenges that often arise during leadership transitions and is committed to imparting this valuable knowledge to members of The Institute.

According to Amelia, this domain will focus on the following topics:

– How to prepare the rising generation to become both capable owners and managers, as well as work together.

– How we can help families navigate and succeed as they face new growth phases and create multi-generational coalitions.

To learn more about the Leadership & Transition Planning Domain, see our guide to the 10 Domains of Family Wealth. As always, if you are interested in joining The UHNW Institute, please do not hesitate to contact us.