Institute Spotlight: Jim Grubman

As part of the Institute’s mission to provide educational content and opportunities to engage with industry experts and its members, the Institute will periodically highlight a member of its faculty. This bi-weekly series will feature all of the domain heads for each Domain of Family Wealth and other important faculty. This week, we’re introducing Jim Grubman, head of the Content and Curriculum Committee.


Jim Grubman

Owner, Family Wealth Consulting

Committee Chair, Content and Curriculum Committee, UHNW Institute

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“I believe all these trends demand more family skills on the part of the advisory team. In fact, this increasing complexity makes the ‘trusted advisor’ concept obsolete. The client family of the future needs a trusted team with broad skills to serve the family well.”

Jim describes his role as chair of the content and curriculum committee overseeing the faculty and Ten Domain Chairs. In his video, Jim discusses the three most pressing industry trends he is currently observing. These include:

To learn more about the Family-Advisory Relationships Domain, see our guide to the 10 Domains of Family Wealth. As always, if you are interested in joining The UHNW Institute, please do not hesitate to contact us.