Institute Spotlight: Moira Somers

As part of The Institute’s mission to provide educational content and opportunities to engage with industry experts and its members from all over the world, The Institute will periodically highlight a member of its faculty. This bi-weekly series will feature all the domain heads for each Domain of Family Wealth. This week, we’re introducing Dr. Moira Somers, head of the Family Dynamics Domain.

Moira Somers

Psychologist, Professor, Author and Executive Coach at Money, Mind & Meaning

Family Dynamics Domain Chair, The UHNW Institute

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“We want to become better at working with the families that we serve.”

In this member spotlight, Dr. Moira Somers, a family wealth consultant, neuropsychologist, author and Family Dynamics Domain Chair at The UHNW Institute, shares her goals to provide opportunities for members to develop skills in personal advising, collaborate with other domains to provide scientifically-guided strategies and toggle between prevention-focused and promotion-focused approaches.

Some key takeaways from her spotlight include:

Overall, Dr. Somers emphasizes the importance of a well-rounded approach to advising that incorporates both technical and personal skills, as well as a focus on collaboration and scientifically-guided strategies.

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