Kristin Keffeler Explores Family Wealth In New Book: The Myth of the Silver Spoon

Members of the next generation in affluent families are often told that they were born with a silver spoon in their mouths. However, despite seemingly “having it all,” wealthy inheritors have their own set of unique challenges. In light of this context, we are pleased to announce that UHNW Institute faculty member Kristin Keffeler has released a new book, The Myth of the Silver Spoon: Navigating Family Wealth & Creating an Impactful Life, that explores the many hidden pressures and tripwires of inherited wealth.

As the founder of Illumination360, Keffeler is a thought leader, writer and speaker at the forefront of family wealth advising. She utilizes her expertise in the positive power of wealth and doing the “inner work” of money in this new book to help guide wealth next generation individuals, their families and the professionals who work with them to identify and confront negative thinking and behaviors related to affluence to create an authentically joyful life.

Offering surprising new research, perspective-shifting concepts and insightful storytelling drawn from her own life as the daughter of wealth-creating parents, Keffeler transforms this book into both a compassionate discussion and a seven-step process that helps draw upon the next generation’s strengths to help them thrive and make valuable impacts.

The Myth of the Silver Spoon is available from local or online booksellers. Click here to order the book today.