Conflict Transformation: Empowering Tools for Positive Change (Part 1)

Our next Masterclass will be on June 20th at 4pm ET and is aimed at helping advisors develop practical skills for working with families in conflict. It is a cross-domain collaborative effort led by domain chairs Stacy Allred (Learning, Development and the Rising Generation), Arne Boudewyn (Family Dynamics) and Moira Somers (Family Advisory Relationships).

Participants can anticipate gaining the following skills:

This masterclass builds on some of the materials presented in previous presentations by the Institute. We recommend either or both of the following presentations to those wishing to avail themselves of important background knowledge:

  1. The Facilitation Masterclass led by Natalie McVeigh, Stacy Allred and Moira Somers
  2. The Collaboration Masterclass led by Natalie McVeigh and Jim Grubman.


Meet the facilitators:


Stacy Allred

Head of Family Engagement and Governance, JP Morgan Wealth Management

Domain Chair – Learning, Development and the Rising Generation, The UHNW Institute





Arne Boudewyn

Founder and Managing Partner, Insights Squared

Domain Chair – Family Dynamics, The UHNW Institute






Dr. Moira Somers

Psychologist, Founding Partner and Chief Learning Officer, Blackwood Family Enterprise Services

Domain Chair – Family-Advisory Relationships, The UHNW Institute