Institute Spotlight: Betsy Erickson

As part of the Institute’s mission to provide educational content and opportunities to engage with industry experts and its members from all over the U.S., the Institute will periodically highlight a member of its faculty. This bi-weekly series will feature all of the domain heads for each Domain of Family Wealth. This week, we’re introducing Betsy Erickson, head of the Social Impact and Philanthropy Domain.


Betsy Erickson

Head of Family and Individual Services, Arabella Advisors

Social Impact & Philanthropy Domain Chair, The UHNW Institute

Click here for Betsy’s LinkedIn and here to read her bio.


“The clients that members of the Institute serve have the financial, social and intellectual capital to tackle some of society’s biggest challenges.”

Betsy describes the Social Impact and Philanthropy Domain as a powerful tool to improve advisor-client relationships and help families thrive over time. Her goal as chair is for social impact and philanthropy to become more integrated across the full spectrum of domains. In her video, Betsy explains the three biggest trends currently in the social impact and philanthropy space. These trends include:

Overall, philanthropy can be a powerful tool to not only tackle some of society’s biggest challenges, but also improve communication skills and unite families. Betsy looks forward to collaborating with fellow members to see how we can better facilitate this impact and connection for our clients.


To learn more about the Social Impact & Philanthropy Domain, see our guide to the 10 Domains of Family Wealth.