Institute Spotlight: Natalie McVeigh

As part of the Institute’s mission to provide educational content and opportunities to engage with industry experts and its members from all over the U.S., the Institute will periodically highlight a member of its faculty. This bi-weekly series will feature all of the domain heads for each Domain of Family Wealth. This week, we’re introducing Natalie McVeigh, head of the Family-Advisory Relationships Domain.

Natalie McVeigh

Managing Director at Eisner Advisory Group LLC

Family-Advisory Relationships Domain Chair

Click here for Natalie’s LinkedIn and here to read her bio.



“Everyone has their own hero’s journey. If we are the hero and we know everything, we take away the power from them.”

Natalie describes the Family-Advisory Relationships Domain as the center of everything advisors practice. While this can look different across firms and families, one thing all advisors have in common is that we work with affluent families who have high needs and are used to a high level of access when it comes to those who advise them. However, Natalie cautions that while all advisors work with families in interesting and unique ways, we can’t be everything to everyone.

In her video, Natalie also shares what she is most excited about within this Domain. For Natalie, she is most looking forward to creating stewardship, cultivating family capital and working with the subject matter experts in our field to create integrated workshops that are responsive to the community.

To learn more about the Family-Advisory Relationships Domain, see our guide to the 10 Domains of Family Wealth.