The lines between family enterprise and family wealth can be unclear in the complex field of family consulting. This challenge poses difficulties in selecting the right consultant(s) for navigating family dynamics, wealth adjustment, and governance.

While hiring a family wealth or business consultant is a potentially stressful process, families can secure the assistance they need with a well-structured, collaborative approach.

This begins with a profound understanding of the family’s unique needs and decision-making processes. The project then progresses through key steps like creating a good description of the position, shortlisting potential consultants, thorough interviewing, and then hiring of the consultants.

To help wealthy families and those who advise them to select the right consultant for their unique needs, The UHNW Institute’s James Grubman, PhD, owner at Family Wealth Consulting, recently created the guide, Tips on Choosing a Family Consultant.

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The guide is also available on the Resource Library here.

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