The UHNW Institute would like to highlight the release of the book, 10×10 Learning Roadmap: Advancing Flourishing in Families of Wealth, co-authored by Institute Advisory Board Member and Domain Chair (Learning, Development and the Rising Gen) Stacy Allred, MST. Additional co-authors include family wealth specialists Stephen Goldbart, Ph.D., and Joan DiFuria, MFT.

“What began as a project at the beginning of the pandemic, recently culminated in a meta framework: 10×10 Learning Roadmap – Advancing Flourishing in Families of Wealth. Recognizing the importance of lifelong learning and actively building skills at each life stage to effectively navigate economic wealth, we created a roadmap that:


We hope this roadmap unlocks possibilities in our learning community as we create a pathway aligned with what matters most, what you want to learn and where you want to go. Appreciation to the James E. Hughes, Jr. Foundation for the publishing of our book.”

Stacy Allred, Joan DiFuria and Stephen Goldbart



Stacy Allred, MST

Managing Director, Head of Family Engagement & Governance, J.P. Morgan Wealth Management

Advisory Board Member & the Learning, Development and the Rising Gen Domain Chair, The UHNW Institute






Joan DiFuria, MFT

Director and Co-Founder—Money, Meaning & Choices Institute




Stephen Goldbart, PhD

Owner—Money, Meaning & Choices Institute




Available on AmazonThe 10×10 Learning Roadmap is a groundbreaking book born from years of experience as family wealth consultants.

Discover a holistic approach to tailored, lifelong learning and development. Build 10 core competencies across each of life’s 10 stages (from ages 5-100) to effectively navigate the opportunities and challenges of financial wealth. These competencies are a specific set of abilities that support the growth of emotionally intelligent, financially effective and self-sufficient family members.

This unique life strategy book weaves together cutting edge thinking in adult development, estate planning, positive psychology, cognitive sciences, neuroscience and more. You will learn how to build an agile learning plan along two parallel pathways that directly reflects who you are and what you want to learn:

Empowering individuals to select the skills they want to cultivate, the approach aligns with the unique motivations of each family member: A self-authored method that strengthens realistic and sustainable action plans.

Use The 10×10 to shift from what can be an overwhelming and ambiguous learning process to an easy to use, thought-provoking learning journey. Move from awareness to action, unlocking possibilities, and building the competencies necessary to advance flourishing and combat languishing.