New Book by UHNW Institute Leadership – Wealth 3.0: The Future of Family Wealth Advising

The UHNW Institute is excited to announce the release of Wealth 3.0: The Future of Family Wealth Advising, authored by three of our distinguished Institute faculty members:

James Grubman, PhD

Owner, Family Wealth Consulting
Board of Directors and Head of the Content and Curriculum Committee, The UHNW Institute


Dennis T. Jaffe, PhD

Senior Research Fellow, Banyan Global
Board of Directors, Advisory Board and Domain Chair of the Governance and Decision-making Domain


Kristin Keffeler, MAPP

Founder, Illumination360
Faculty Member, The UHNW Institute


Now available on Amazon, Wealth 3.0 serves as a ‘modern manifesto’, calling for the enduring, scalable and rigorous transformation of the wealth management and advising profession. It outlines how the field arrived at this point and what will be needed to establish a positive vision of family wealth.

‘We now stand at the threshold of the next major transformation, strengthening the focus on family while shedding the fears and flaws that invaded beliefs about the rich.’ This transformative book challenges traditional monetary-focused approaches in family wealth advising, emphasizing the vital role of family dynamics, with relatable stories and practical recommendations for the wealth management community.

Stephen Prostano, co-founder of The UHNW Institute, a nonprofit think tank, committed to the transformation of the wealth management industry, said the organization is fully-aligned and supportive of the enhancements outlined in Wealth 3.0.

The industry is at an inflection point and Wealth 3.0 provides a practical “roadmap” for advisors (or practitioners) that will help to transform the industry for the benefit of our clients.  The authors have recognized that there is a shift emerging in professional advising.  They understand how best to advise individuals, couples and families of wealth and that the integrated delivery of solutions requires a new skill set and a positive approach – not the scare tactics of the past – and they reemphasized the importance of professionalizing the field, education, training, credentialing and research.”

Explore this industry must read and invaluable resource to gain vital insights and actionable guidance for the future of family wealth advising. Purchase your copy of Wealth 3.0: The Future of Family Wealth Advising here.