Roundtable Replay: Handling Dementia and Incapacity in Wealth Advising

As advances in healthcare have extended the average lifespan, the window for developing dementia has unfortunately increased, as well. As a result, numerous misunderstandings about incapacity and the nature of this disease have developed, resulting in some individuals living with it for years without receiving a solid diagnosis.

As trusted financial advisors, this topic is extremely important, as they can notice a change in habits early on, or they are one of the initial calls when there is a concern. To help provide advisors with the knowledge and resources necessary to address the challenges of diminished capacity among aging clients, The UHNW Institute recently hosted an expert-led virtual roundtable discussion – Handling Dementia and Incapacity in Wealth Advising.

Some of the specific topics discussed during this event included:

The full video replay of this roundtable event is available for UHNW Institute members in the Resource Library here. If you are interested in learning more about joining, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Meet the Panelists:

Moderator – Arden O’Connor, Founder and CEO of O’Connor Professional Group

Panelist – Sam Van Kalkeren, Director of Aging Services at O’Connor Professional Group

Panelist – Kim Kamin, Partner and Chief Wealth Strategist at Gresham Partners

Panelist – James Grubman, Ph. D., Owner of Family Wealth Consulting

Panelist – Sheila Lawrence, Partner and Senior Client Advisor at Ballentine Partners