The UHNW Institute on The Family Business Podcast: Reimagining Transitions



Successfully passing the reigns of a family business to its next leader can be an emotional and challenging process filled with inaccurate assumptions. To help challenge these assumptions and create a new framework for successful intergenerational transfer, The UHNW Institute recently published, Reimagining Family Business Transitions: Rethinking, Rebalancing, Reinventing, a paper by Stacy Allred, Dennis Jaffe, Ph.D., Ken McCracken and Daniel Trimarchi.

Now, to delve more into the key elements of transition planning, The Family Business Podcast, a podcast hosted by Russ Haworth that brings insights and expertise to help family businesses thrive, interviewed the authors of the thought-provoking paper for a special two-part episode.

The first part of the interview goes behind the curtain to help listeners understand how the paper came to be and the existing theories of passing down businesses that should be challenged. Part two then highlights the importance of effective communication and showcases some practical examples of successful family business transitions.

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