The UHNW Institute’s Collegiums are programs designed to promote peer-to-peer idea sharing on thought-provoking practice management topics. The program’s format is facilitator-led, utilizing plenary and small-group breakout sessions.

Collegium VI will be an interactive program held virtually on April 24 from 3-5 pm EDT to discuss the complex practice management issue of client segmentation. The session will begin with a panel of firm leaders who have experience with client segmentation, conversing about various topics related to the theme.  Attendees will then be moved into small breakout groups to afford attendees an opportunity for a dialogue of the following topics:

After the breakout session ends, reports to the main session will take place, followed by a final commentary from the panel.

Every Collegium aims to share, learn and advance the industry. In this case, we anticipate attendees to take home a practical client segmentation idea or adjustment to their current practice they can readily incorporate into their business. 

Institute members can register, as well as access pre-reading and recommended Collegium resources, by visiting the event’s page here.


Meet the Panelists

Rebekah Kohmescher

CEO and CCO, Altair Advisers

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Adam Lewis

Executive Managing Director, Pathstone

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Gary Poth

Head of Key Family Wealth, Key Private Bank

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David Salsburg

Partner, Founder and President, Gresham Partners

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