The UHNW Institute’s May Theme: Investing in Your Health

Each month, The UHNW Institute will identify a specific industry theme to emphasize. Much of the content and programming we highlight and produce will focus on the chosen theme.

All monthly themes can be found in the 2023 Programming Calendar here.

Throughout the month of May, we will explore the topic of Investing in Your Health, an area that spans multiple domains, including health and well-being, family dynamics, estate planning and legal issues, and more. As part of this monthly theme, we will focus on how managing your wealth effectively requires investing in your health. Putting plans in place for managing health issues, interfacing with legal, financial, trust and healthcare personnel to manage risk, coordinating planning and focusing on mind-body well-being are key elements of Investing in Your Health.

We have selected the following resources on Investing in Your Health for members to explore this month to help deepen their knowledge and understanding of this multi-faceted topic. 

  1. Podcast by Wealth of Wisdom – Episode 67: featuring Keith Whitaker and Patricia Annino – Managing the Risk of Diminished Capacity

In this episode of the Wealth of Wisdom podcast series, co-author Keith Whitaker interviews author, lawyer and educator Patricia Annino. Keith and Patricia discuss her chapter, Managing the Risk of Diminished Capacity, and how it provides a checklist for families to use for advanced planning for diminishing capacity. Patricia gives her advice on family ‘proxies’, family dynamics and tips every family should hear in case of a family emergency.


  1. Article by Arden O’Connor – The UHNW Institute – Family Office Solutions for Physical and Mental Health Issues: Understanding and Utilizing Care Management for Families 

UHNW families can experience acute or chronic problems with substance abuse, serious mental illness, dementia or other health crises that require skilled action on the part of their family advisors. This is particularly important in single or multi-family offices where longstanding advisors may be the first people the family turns to for help. This comprehensive article on the intricacies of care management provides an excellent overview about the topic, how care management can help and many practical pointers for implementing the service in delicate or demanding situations.


  1. Article by Elizabeth K. Miller – Trust & Estates – Urge Clients to Create a Transition Plan 

This article provides a clear, concise summary of five key elements that aging clients should have in place in case of significant disability or death. It serves as another checklist of reminders to have these conversations with clients and to put backup plans together.


  1. Podcast by Wealth of Wisdom – Episode 62: featuring Tom McCullough and Susan Hyatt – Building a Smart Aging Plan

In this episode of the Wealth of Wisdom podcast series, co-editor Tom McCullough interviews the Chair & Co-Founder of Silver Sherpa Inc., Susan Hyatt. Tom and Susan discuss Susan’s chapter – Building a Smart Aging Plan. They discuss ‘Smart Aging’ and how to incorporate health and personal care into your financial retirement plan to live your best “third act.” Susan gives her advice on the best time to discuss this plan with your loved ones and other great examples.


  1. Podcast by Arden O’Connor and Diana Clark – O’Connor Professional Group – Beyond the Balance Sheet

Advisors to UHNW families are increasingly serving a multitude of roles, therefore they need to have well-developed, holistic skillsets. Modern, trusted advisors are often called upon to recommend valuable resources related to family dynamics, substance abuse and mental health problems – to name a few examples. This podcast series taps expertise from industry leaders to help listeners learn how to identify, discuss and refer client families for needed services.


We invite you to discuss this month’s theme,  share recommended resources and join the conversation in our Community Forum on Investing in Your Health. If you have any questions about this month’s theme or are interested in joining The UHNW Institute, please do not hesitate to contact us.