The UHNW Institute Leadership Featured in Trust & Estates Magazine: Wealth 3.0 in Practice

Historically, wealth advising focused on only managing and preserving the family’s money during the long era of “Wealth 1.0,” Dr. Jim Grubman’s term for the period preceding the modern world of wealth management. Then, starting in the 1980s, Wealth 2.0 broadened our understanding of wealth to include many nonfinancial aspects and services. Now, a new positive approach to family wealth advising is emerging, empowering clients to work together toward the creative possibilities that wealth and business can offer: Wealth 3.0.

To help advisors implement this innovative new paradigm for handling wealth in families, The UHNW Institute’s Dr. Jim Grubman, Dr. Dennis Jaffe and Kristin Keffeler recently published a new article in the February 2023 issue of Trust & Estates magazine titled, Wealth 3.0 in Practice: Harnessing the Power of Positive Attention.

Click here to download the paper.

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