Virtual Roundtable Discussion – Is There a Remedy for Truth Decay? Understanding the Global, Multigenerational Communication Breakdown

Thursday, December 8, 2022 from 5– 6:30 p.m. ET

Fake Twitter accounts, weaponized content, manipulated videos and new sources of trusted information have jolted us far past the “fake news” woes from the pandemic onset. “Truth decay” and “information disorder,” which are terms coined to capture the diminishing role that facts and data play in our political and not-so-civil discourse, may be the result of technology and social media’s rising influence, but are they our new normal?

Deb Roy, director of the MIT Center for Constructive Communication, and Leonora Z. Williamson, founder of Platinum Rule Advisors, join The UHNW Institute for a virtual roundtable discussion about the global communication breakdown. During their conversation, they will discuss how technology and social media are changing the way we digest information, its implications and a path toward more effective communication across all generations.

Some of the specific topics to be discussed during this event include:

We are pleased to announce that this public roundtable is open to non-members. Please contact us to register today and learn more about joining The UHNW Institute.


Meet the Panelists:

Moderator – Dune Thorne, Chief Strategy Officer at Brown Advisory and Advisory Board & Faculty Member at the The UHNW Institute

Panelist – Deb Roy, Professor of Media Arts and Sciences at MIT, Director, MIT Center for Constructive Communication, and a Visiting Professor at Harvard Law School.

PanelistLeonora Z Williamson, Founder and CEO of Platinum Rule Advisors