Introducing The Institute’s New Domain Chairs: Betsy Erickson, Natalie McVeigh and Moira Somers

We are pleased to welcome three new domain chairs to The UHNW Institute: Betsy Erickson, Social Impact and Philanthropy domain; Natalie McVeigh, Family-Advisory Relationships domain; and Dr. Moira Somers, Family Dynamics domain. Through these roles, Betsy, Natalie and Moira will help advisors develop and fine-tune their expertise in each of the Ten Domains of Family Wealth.  The goal is for advisors to help families make the best possible choices for the complex needs that arise across generations.

Learn more about each of the new domain chairs’ experience and expertise below and stay tuned for their upcoming member spotlights.

Betsy Erickson

Head of Family and Individual Services at Arabella Advisors

Social Impact and Philanthropy Domain Chair at The UHNW Institute

Throughout Betsy’s 15+ years at Arabella Advisors, she has led the firm’s work with family and individual clients, supporting them to further their learning, collaboration and philanthropic goals. Now, she will utilize her expertise to show other advisors how they can help client families make an impact in the world based on their values and goals.

Natalie McVeigh

Managing Director at Eisner Advisory Group LLC

Family-Advisory Relationships Domain Chair at The UHNW Institute

With more than a decade of experience helping high-net-worth families as a managing director within the Private Client Services Group at Eisner Advisory Group LLC, Natalie will help advisors better understand the personal aspects of clients’ lives so they can meet their needs as the Family-Advisory Relationships Domain Chair.

Dr. Moira Somers

Psychologist, Professor, Author & Executive Coach at Money, Mind & Meaning

Family Dynamics Domain Chair at The UHNW Institute

Calling upon her decades-long expertise in financial psychology and experience helping financial professionals and their clients deal with the challenges of wealth, Moira’s new role at the Institute will focus on educating advisors on the strengths, needs and strategies related to affluent families, their relationships and wealth.


As always, if you are interested in becoming a member of The UHNW Institute, please do not hesitate to contact us.