The Family Business Podcast – Steve Prostano

Hear a podcast interview with Steve Prostano, founder of The UHNW Institute and a Partner with PKF O’Connor Davies. Steve talks with Russ Haworth, host of The Family Business Partnership Podcast.

Meet the Experts: Susan Winer, Strategic Philanthropy, Ltd.

Dennis Jaffe, PhD interviews Susan Winer, the domain champion for Social Impact and Philanthropy. The conversation focused on how families can effectively and successfully use philanthropy to share family values across generations, the challenges that 2020 has posed to for donors and where philanthropy is situated relative to other legal, financial and family dynamics conversations that may take place between advisors and their clients.

Meet the Experts: Tom McCullough, Integrated Financial Management

Dennis Jaffe, PhD interviews Tom McCullough, The UHNW Institute champion overseeing the Integrated Financial Management domain, on issues around the financial, tax, investment and business competencies for handling wealth complexity. They focused on the foundational role of understanding and quantifying family financial goals, and the importance of building an integrated plan, across all of the key disciplines, to ensure those goals are met effectively and efficiently.

Two Family Pillars

Thanks to Dennis Jaffe and Jim Grubman for sharing this article that addresses how complex family enterprise systems can benefit from two pillars of governance – an enterprise pillar and a family pillar.

Meet the Experts: Arden O’Connor, Health and Wellness

Dennis Jaffe, PhD interviews Arden O’Connor, the domain champion overseeing Health and Wellness, on issues around physical health and mental well-being. They focused on how behavioral health issues, such as mental illness and substance abuse, impact wealthy families and what strategies can be used to facilitate positive, long-term outcomes.