The UHNW Institute Podcast: The Ten Domains of Family Wealth

In this insightful episode, host Russ Haworth and guest, Dr. Jim Grubman, UHNW Institute Content & Curriculum Chair and owner of Family Wealth Consulting, explore the Ten Domains of Family Wealth, a model designed to address the complex needs of ultra-high-net-worth families. This taxonomy and hierarchy help families and advisors identify strengths and gaps in their wealth management strategies, independent of specific service providers.

The Ten Domains of Family Wealth include the following:

·      Financial and investment management

·      Estate planning and legal matters

·      Social impact and philanthropy

·      Risk management

·      Governance and decision making

·      Leadership and transition planning

·      Learning, development and the rising generation

·      Family dynamics

·      Health and wellbeing

At the heart of these domains is the family-advisory relationships domain, which highlights the importance of soft skills and quality interactions between advisors and family members.

Dr. Grubman’s insights offer valuable direction for families and advisors aiming to enhance their wealth management approach.

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