Webinar Replay: Understanding Your Clients – Viewing DEI from the Lens of Inclusion First

In the realm of DEI, Inclusion is often the most important metric for success and impact in terms of developing cohesive teams, improving client retention and promoting new business development; however, it is often challenging to measure and the last to be implemented.

With this in mind, we invited members to our recent webinar, Understanding Your Clients – Viewing DEI from the Lens of Inclusion First, to learn how we can help our businesses and clients adopt an “Inclusion Mindset.”


During the webinar, we discussed:

·      The importance of inclusion in fostering a sense of belonging and contributing to stronger outcomes.

·      Practical examples and case studies depicting inclusion in action.

·      Ideas on how to move towards greater inclusion in organizations, client relationships and families.

·      How to shift from solution providers to guides, helping individuals navigate the complexities of inclusion.

·      The importance of having all voices at the table and expanding advisory relationships to be more human-centered.


We have also produced an “Inclusion Toolkit” containing a variety of helpful resources for members to access as they explore this topic.


The full video replay of this live webinar is available for UHNW Institute members in the Resource Library here and on the event’s dedicated member portal page here.


Thank you again to our speakers:

Tim Volk, Founder and Principal, T. Volk & Company; Co-chair, The DEI Committee, The UHNW Institute

Sheila Lawrence, Partner and Senior Client Advisor, Ballentine Partners

Mitchell Spearman, Founder, Gifts of a Lifetime